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Gently diffusing the light to create an astonishing ambience. Roller blinds can enlighten any space with its colour, design and texture. Let’s you control the natural light and spawning instant blackout. Marvel offers you the contemporary range meeting all your requirements.

Roller Blinds are the pinnacle of elegance when it comes to window coverings.

Marvel roller blinds are modern in design, stylish, reliable and easy to operate. A wide range of operating systems ensures the blind can be operated easily to achieve the required level of privacy and light control.

Dazzling choice of fabrics with 550+ awesome designs and colours

You can also add the finishing touches such as plain cassette, fabric decorative cassette, matching or covered bottom to personalise your choice and coordinate with your interior.


  • Orientation


  • Visibility

    Visible, Translucent & Blackout

  • Width (in mm)

    300 to 3000

  • Height (in mm)

    300 to 6000


  • Manual with Ball chain

    One of the most important advantages of Marvel Blinds is their ease of operation. A continuous ball chain loop works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to open or close the blind.

  • Remote Control

    The Remote Control allows you to pre-set and easily operate a group of up to sixteen different window blinds, individually or together with just a press of a button. Remote Controls are available in different colors and can also be affixed to a wall.

  • Smart Phone Control

    Marvel Automation blinds can be operated by using an App. You can control your blinds with a swipe of a finger, or create customized scenes that move the blinds to positions you set. Also, you can automate those scenes to operate on their own throughout the day.

  • One Touch Up

    One Touch Up is a smart system wherein you just need to pull the operating cord once and the blind will roll up on its own

  • Moto Down

    It’s easy to operate blinds with Marvel’s Moto down operating system just pull down and hold the chain to lower the blind very easily.

  • Ultra Spring system

    Marvel ultra spring operating system is specially made for bigger size window blinds. Raise, adjust and lower your blinds by simply pulling on the chain.

  • Fabric that owns a unique feel

    Marvel Blinds offers textures that are a literal treat to your eyes. With softness and drama of contrasting colours that come in natural and rough textures, they are not only reflective but also look icy elegant.

  • Marvel’s designer fabrics
  • Fabrics that raise the brows allowing your imaginations to run wild. Our wonderful collection allows you to choose from more than 350 fabric colours, textures and patterns, a wide variety and of course to your heart’s content. That’s us.

  • Fixing Option - Decorative Cassette
  • Add a touch of luxury to your blind by adding a contemporary cassette. This system improves the look of the blind whether it is in the retracted or extended position. The blind gets a glamorous enhancement with a decorative cassette which is fitted at the top, discreetly housing the operating mechanism. A fabric strip is used to amalgamate the cassette with the blind fabric, complementing the interior eventually.

  • Fixing Option - Plain Cassette
  • Give your blinds a sophisticated look by adding a sleek yet elegant plain cassette. If the blind is pulled up, the fabric in the upper part is wound onto the winding system. In this system, the roller lap is hidden in the box, whose size is determined according to the dimensions of the blinds. Plain Cassette completely encloses your blind’s mechanism thereby maintaining the integrity of your interior.

  • Fixing Option - Head Rail
  • This is one of the leading fixing options. Head rails are essentially the part of the blind which accommodates the operating system that makes the blind go up and down. Head rail blends with any operating system whether Automation or Manual. This fixing option also plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of blinds with bigger measurements.

  • Fixing Option - Direct Fix
  • Being a traditional fixing option, Direct Fix is simple and one of the most popular fixing option which is equipped with a chain mechanism. It works on clamps which can be either fixed as Ceiling Fix or Wall Fix.

  • Bottom Rail
  • Marvel provides various options in bottom rails according to the blinds. We have options of Round, Pentagon and Decorative bottom rails with 19 different colours to choose from. These bottom rails blend beautifully with the blinds enhancing their look by making them more stylish and sophisticated.

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This is just a sampling of our fabric choices. Visit nearby Marvel Gallery to see and feel the full array of colors and textures.

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