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Most energy efficient blinds specifically engineered to provide beauty and energy efficiency in both cold and warm climates. Marvel Colby blind combines soft, seamless fabrics with crisp even pleats that hold their shape indefinitely. Choose Top-down / Bottom-up and open your shades from the top, bottom, or both.

Advanced Automation System in Colby Blinds where you can get benefit to operate Day or night section at any position.

Marvel Colby blinds, also known as Honeycomb Blinds, Cellular Blinds or Pleated Blinds come with unique light & privacy control combinations including sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics to provide you with various levels of privacy, light control and luxury.

Marvel Colby blinds are available in a wide assortment of 28 beautiful fabrics, rich structures and colours in three transparencies. They give a beautiful pleat pattern to your windows.

Marvel Colby blind fabric allows you to have the same colour in all three transparencies – depending on the level of privacy that you desire and the amount of light you want; you can choose different transparency in every room.

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  • Orientation


  • Visibility

    Visible, Translucent & Dimout

  • Width (in mm)

    300 to 3000

  • Height (in mm)

    300 to 5000


  • Top-Down / Bottom-Up

    Marvel Colby blind Top-Down/Bottom-Up offers you the ability to operate window blind from "top to down or from "bottom to up" to meet all your privacy needs while still giving you access to natural light.

  • Day & Night

    Day & Night operating system offers maximum light control by using two separate fabric panels to achieve a day/night level of convenience, providing limitless options for privacy and light control. Day & Night Operating system is available in the following combinations :
    1) Visible- Translucent
    2) Visible - Dimout
    3) Translucent - Dimout

  • Manual with Ball chain

    One of the most important advantages of Marvel Blinds is their ease of operation. A continuous ball chain loop works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to open or close the blind.

  • Remote Control

    The Remote Control allows you to pre-set and easily operate a group of up to sixteen different window blinds, individually or together with just a press of a button. Remote Controls are available in different colors and can also be affixed to a wall.

  • Smart Phone Control

    Marvel Automation blinds can be operated by using an App. You can control your blinds with a swipe of a finger, or create customized scenes that move the blinds to positions you set. Also, you can automate those scenes to operate on their own throughout the day.

  • Clutch System

    Marvel clutch system for Colby blinds uses a retractable cord to raise and lower your blind while maintaining a constant cord length. There are no long, dangling cords to detract from the appearance of your window treatment. Ideal for child and pet safety.

  • Cord Control

    One of the most important advantages of Marvel Blinds is their ease of operation. A continuous cord is used to open and close the blinds without any hassles.

  • Most of the heat lost or gained is through the windows, even when double glazed. Marvel Colby blinds offer an amazing solution for the same. Colby blinds have a layer of silver foil inside which makes them energy-saving window coverings that retain the internal temperature, adding substantial beauty to the interior simultaneously. Moreover, they noticeably improve the acoustics in the room.

    Advanced Automation System in Colby Blinds where you can get benefit to operate Day or night section at any position.

    Marvel Colby blinds come in various combinations which are mentioned below. These combinations serve all the demands with regard to Light Control or Privacy

  • Dimout - Translucent
  • This is a combination of Dimout and Translucent fabrics, wherein one can maintain constant natural light or can darken the room completely as per need.

  • Visible - Dimout
  • Want to see through the blind while it is still unwound? Visible is the answer to the requirement. With Visible – Dimout combination, you can enjoy an almost clear view of outside and reasonably protect yourself from the direct sunlight. The Blackout fabric, on the other hand, facilitates light blockage completely or to the extent needed.

  • Visible - Translucent
  • If enjoying natural light while maintaining privacy is what you are looking for, then the combination of Visible and Translucent is the answer to that. Visible fabric illuminates the room with natural light, and Translucent fabric takes care of privacy while diffusing the light softly.






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This is just a sampling of our fabric choices. Visit nearby Marvel Gallery to see and feel the full array of colors and textures.

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