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Natural Bamboo Blinds have been prepared from a superior quality of Bamboo which has been knitted perfectly with cord. All the designs have been crafted very elegantly, which gives a beautiful look & efficient sun control as well.

The range of designs and shades will not only perfectly sync with your interior but also enhance the overall charm of the living space

  • Winding Style
    Roll up Style and Roman Style
  • Orientation


  • Width (in mm)

    500 to 1800

  • Height (in mm)

    600 to 3000


  • Manual

    One of the most important advantages of Marvel window coverings is their ease of operation. A continuous ball chain loop works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to open or close the blind.

  • Remote Control

    The Remote Control allows you to pre-set and easily operate a group of up to sixteen different window blinds, individually or together with just a press of a button. Remote Controls are available in different colours and can also be affixed to a wall. Note: Remote Control System available only in Roman Style Winding System

  • Marvel Bamboo Blinds take you closest to nature with their authentic raw material and incredible shades. Marvel Blinds offers textures that are a literal treat to your eyes. With softness and drama of contrasting colours that come in natural and rough textures, they are not only reflective but also look icy elegant.

  • Fixing Option - Head Rail
  • Head rails are essentially the part of the blind which accommodates the operating system that makes the blind go up and down. Head rail blends with any operating system whether Automation or Manual. This fixing option also plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of blinds with bigger measurements. To maintain the aesthetics of the interior, we provide a belt of Bamboo which covers the head rail thereby, concealing the operating mechanism and maintaining the beauty of the blind.

  • Winding Style – Roll up and Roman
  • Our Bamboo Blinds come with two options for winding up.

    • Roll up: This is a traditional winding option where the blind is wound onto the head rail in a similar way in which a roller blind functions
    • Roman: This winding system provides a fold by fold raising property which accentuates the oomph factor by creating a soft layered effect.

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This is just a sampling of our fabric choices. Visit nearby Marvel Gallery to see and feel the full array of colors and textures.

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